News are listed in reverse chronological order.

11/08/2017Provided a keynote talk at SPLASH LIVE 2017. I'm writing a follow-up article about the talk, but for now, please refer to the talk abstract and slide deck.
09/23/2017Will serve as a keynote speaker at SPLASH LIVE 2017. See you in Vancouver!
06/29/2017Visited Pittsburgh for ACM UIST 2017 PC meeting, gave a talk at CMU HCII, dropped by Seattle and visited UW and Microsoft Research.
06/14/2017Presented f3.js at ACM DIS 2017. Slides are available for download in the publications page.
04/04/2017Presented User-Generated Variables at <Programming> PX workshop. It's always good to get to know new people!
03/27/2017Publicly demonstrated Robocam (f3js-logs) for the first time at ACM/IEEE HRI 2017, which is an accompanying tool and web-based interface to f3.js that helps recording event logs of IoT applications and authoring their demo videos.
12/18/2016Attended The First ACM SIGCHI Asian Symposium and was named as a board member for Japan ACM SIGCHI Chapter.
10/19/2016Served as a Student Volunteer Chair for ACM UIST 2016. Thanks all for coming to Tokyo!
08/07/2016Organized The Second Workshop of SIGPX.
07/16/2016Created a web page for the new ECOOP 2016 LIVE workshop paper that introduces "Live Tuning".
07/15/2016Created a web page for the new IEEE Computer journal article that introduces "Programming with Examples".
05/23/2016Visited VPRI, Y Combinator Research HARC, and several other places around Bay Area. Organized Japanese HCI Symposium at ACM CHI 2016.
02/27/2016Organized The First Workshop of SIGPX. English translation of the press release that introduces the TextAlive web service is now available.
12/18/2015Received the Best Paper Award at SMC 2015 for co-authoring a paper about an interactive music puzzle named CrossSong - please enjoy :)
11/20/2015Publicly demonstrated f3.js for the first time at ACM UIST 2015, which is an IDE to create IoT applications purely by code.
09/23/2015My Ph.D dissertation finally got online on the university's repository. Jun Kato, "Integrated Graphical Representations for Development of Programs with Real-world Input and Output", Mar. 2014.
07/29/2015Presented TextAlive Online (ver.βjs) at ICLC 2015 and visited friends around UK!
05/14/2015Presented TextAlive in the "Programming Environments" session and organized Japanese HCI Symposium at ACM CHI 2015.
04/11/2015In preparation for the CHI presentation, TextAlive is finally released as ver.βjs! Make videos within your browser.
03/20/2015Served as an organizing committee member for a special event named IPSJ-ONE. It gathered 19 top-notch researchers in Information Processing (computer science, information science, that sort of thing) from all over Japan, each of them giving 5-minutes talk introducing their work with their passion for research.
03/02/2015My paper about TextAlive, an IDE to create Kinetic Typography videos with live programming, is accepted to ACM CHI 2015. It wins a silver medal! See you in Korea :)
12/06/2014Will hold a symposium on Emerging Japanese HCI Research Collection at ACM CHI 2015.
11/01/2014Chaired "Novel Interaction Techniques" session and presented Sharedo which was nominated for the best paper at HAI 2014.
08/09/2014My paper about Sharedo that discusses sharing tasks between human and agents is accepted to HAI 2014. See you in Japan this October!
06/19/2014Visited the University of Toronto DGP and gave a talk. I'm also visiting the University of Manitoba HCI Lab in a few days and will give another talk. Both of these talks are about "Live Programming" in the real world, which is based on my Ph.D dissertation and discusses the direction of future work in my current position.
04/25/2014Serving as a program committee member for ACM UIST 2014 is exciting but difficult. Apart from it, I'm getting settled in the new environment and have just started to prepare for attending Graphics Interface 2014. I'm going to present VisionSketch in the "Video and Collaboration" session on 5/8.
04/01/2014Received a Ph.D degree in Computer Science and started to work as a researcher in AIST, a research organization funded by the Japanese government in which over 2000 researchers work hard to contribute to both industry and science. My primary task won't change - to conduct interesting research, write good paper, and do some other stuff to make world better place with help of information technology :)
02/25/2014Upgraded Bootstrap framework from v2 to v3 for better browsing experience. What a modern flat design!
02/20/2014Defended my dissertation! Details will come later. My paper about VisionSketch is accepted to Graphics Interface 2014.
11/19/2013Visited St. Andrews to for ACM UIST 2013, gave a talk at University of Washington dub, met friends of the Microsoft campus, and finished the Adobe internship... I'm back in Japan!
08/12/2013Started internship at Adobe Creative Technologies Lab in Seattle.
08/04/2013I am going to attend ACM UIST 2013 ... expecting fruitful discussion at Doctoral Symposium. My paper describing the development process of OpenPool is accepted to present at IEEE GCCE 2013.
06/24/2013Got some sort of recognition at ACM conferences, ACM CHI and ACM PLDI, detailed in Awards section. Will work for Adobe Research Seattle this summer.
04/16/2013My sole-authored poster about VisionSketch is accepted to present at Student Research Competition of ACM PLDI 2013.
03/05/2013My colleagues are going to present OpenPool at SXSW 2013. I've worked on the project as one of the main programmers. Stay tuned for its open-source distribution!
03/02/2013Collaboration with PL people turned out to be a full paper at ACM PLDI 2013. It's about live programming on TouchDevelop Web App!
12/13/2012My short paper about Picode is conditionally accepted to ACM CHI 2013. See you in Paris!
10/28/2012Attended 21 CCC in Tianjin, China and received this year's Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship.
10/15/2012Finished my talk at ACM UIST 2012 in the "Toolkits" session on 10/9. Will serve as a Publicity Co-chair at ACM UIST 2013!
09/18/2012Back in Japan again. The future plan includes a visit to Beijing in this month and Boston and New York in October.
07/21/2012My paper about an IDE named DejaVu is accepted to ACM UIST 2012. The details will come later.
06/21/2012Started to work with TouchDevelop team as a research intern in RiSE Group, Microsoft Research Redmond.
05/05/2012Back in Japan... In June, I will start an internship in Redmond.
03/23/2012My paper about Phybots is accepted to ACM DIS 2012. I will present the paper in the "Absolutely Fab" session on 6/13.
03/19/2012Renewed the website.
01/09/2012Started an internship at HCI Group of Microsoft Research Asia.